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Home Automation

AASK also provides Home Automation Systems which can be used with ordinary switches, detectors and others means such as by remote control; by telephone and modem or by voice (for disabled users)



                                             Through these systems different lighting scenarios can be created to adapt for

                                                Entertaining activities

                                                Watching TV

                                                Home Cinema

                                                Or a Romantic evening


Also it provides


The heating/cooling system,  the garden sprayers, the garage doors, the lighting, curtains and shutters, are all made to work automatically according to the wishes of the owner, in due time, even during his absence. Telephone and hall porter can be integrated.


Energy saving :

The heating and cooling based on the “just in time” principle as well as the use of dimmable lamps, guarantee reduced energy consumption. Electro-domestic equipment can be started when electricity cost is at its lowest.


The alarm system can be integrated with other existing alarm systems for fire or theft prevention as well as panic buttons.

A home can be made to appear occupied by means of programmed light changes, opening and closing of gate doors, TV switching on or another variable scenario.


Emergency services can be called in automatically by telephone and detectors of all kinds can be activated. 

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