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Facilities Management  



AASK Enterprises Ltd offers, 24/7 after sales service for clients who enter into a Preventive Maintenance and Service Agreement. Clients availing themselves of this service include:

  • Debenhams outlets at The Point, Tigne & Paola
  • Maltco Lotteries
  • More Supermarket
  • Tagliaferro Business Centre
  • The Seabank Hotel












Electrical Services   


A.A.S.K. Enterprises carries out all types of electrical installations in industrial facilities,

commercial premises, hotels, residential apartments, villas, etc, Our services include: 

- Laying & Terminating Power Cables

- Distribution Boards

- Power factor correction units

- Uninterruptible power supplies

- Emergency generators

- Lighting control panels

- Consumer units

- Lightning Protection

- Lighting and power circuits for both indoor & outdoor use




Building Management   


AASK Building Management Systems can monitor, control and manage all loads and users in the building with the intention to increase comfort and security, and to increase energy savings.

The system makes use of a combination of various sensors and timers to reduce the unnecessary wasting of energy by:

Providing lighting at the desired intensity as and when needed.
Controlling heating, cooling and air conditioning.
Presenting real time information on utility usage allowing the user to keep a close eye on energy consumption.
The system also enhances building safety & security by:
Controlling alarm systems, anti theft devices, fire alarm, gas leak and water leak detection.
Monitoring automatic doors, shutters, blinds, and operating valves.




Home Automation


AASK also provides Home Automation Systems which can be used with ordinary switches, detectors and others means such as by remote control; by telephone and modem or by voice (for disabled users)




Mechanical Works


A.A.S.K. Enterprises Ltd installs pipe-work for hot water, cold water, water treatment, drainage systems, and swimming pools. Installations include all types of sanitary ware, reservoirs, pumps, appliances, plant room equipment etc. 







AASK are also involved in HVAC Systems, comprising


 -   Ventilation systems for underground garage areas.

 -   Ventilation systems for both domestic and office buildings.

 -  Ventilation systems for enclosed public areas.

 - Treated air systems for both the hotel and manufacturing industry and

 - Air-conditioning systems for both the domestic and industrial market.